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DFT engineers are the core of everything that includes testability of products and earn between 3.0 to 21.8 lakhs with an average amount of 7 lakhs.

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Close up view on a CPU with circuitry and binary numbers displayed on top of it. The scene is positioned on a blueprint surface.
Item #1
Physical Design Demo
Item #2
Design Verification
Item #3
Design for testability

Design verification

Also referred
to as qualification testing, design verification ensures that the product as designed is the
same as the product as intended.

Design for testability

 Refers to those design techniques that make the task of testing feasible.

Physical design

PHYSICAL DESIGN is the process of transforming a circuit description into physical layout,which describes the position of cells,routes and the interconnection between them.



“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” – Benjamin Franklin

We are a self-funded and industry aligned Institution which offers best in class specialized training programs that equip our students with the knowledge and competence in modern tools to tackle VLSI design problems. The VLSI design curriculum is conglomeration of real-life applications with fundamental techniques and practical training that makes our classes more focused, relevant to current business scenario and enabling the students to hit the ground running from Day One in Organisations. STARVLSI is known for its best placement, highly skilled trainers, and renowned in the semiconductor industry for its advanced curriculum for students. Our students are well adapting cutting-edge technology and methodologies in industry. It helps students to design products that are reliable, robust, and aligned to the current demanding applications.

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It was a great experience to be trained under STARVLSI.Not only because of the dedication and personal attention offered to learners but also the help provided by the industry experts to start my VLSI career.
Amerendra s
physical design engineer
Good realtime training institution with trainers who help students to learn core concepts about VLSI.I strongly recommend starvlsi for candidated who want to start a career in VLSI domain.
sta engineer
This institute not only provide you with state-of-art tools but also gives real time projects and training ,earn a job with the support provided by STARVLSI.
IR engineer
Being at this institute for 6 months,it seems that i have been exposed to some of the latest technologies and infrastructure facilities are when it comes to STARVLSI.

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VLSI is a prominent field that is evolving in tandem with various applications such as AI, IoT, and so on.

With the evolution of Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning, VLSI will rule for nearly a decade. The VLSI industry will bring many wonders; if you look at any device these days, it all appears to be automated; it is difficult to imagine anything without automation.

Candidates who are interested can register on the website. After registering, you will be asked to attend a technical interview.

Candidates who have cleared the interview process are eligible to join the institute.

Candidates who successfully complete the course are guaranteed a 100% placement.


M.TECH in Electronics/VLSI/Nanotechnology/Microelectronics/Nano technology 

Electrical instrumentation an all related branches.

Over 12 weeks, you’ll work through a variety of topics. At the end of each week you’ll get a chance to complete a reflective exercise where you’ll look back on your progress and be self-critical about what you’ve learnt. Self-reflection itself is a really useful skill to develop.


Below positions are served  by StarVLSI Candidates in core comapneis after succesful compeletion of Training.

1).Physical Design Engineer.

2)STA Engineer.

3).DFT Engineer.

4).IR Engineer.

5).Physical Verification Engineer.